Attach content from the web

Published Apr 4, 2020 by Dave for Calibrae

Content from the internet can be embedded in your classroom as learning activities. Why re-invent the wheel?

Web content examples are...

  • BBC Bitesize pages
  • My Maths pages
  • Times Table Rockstar pages
  • Wiki pages
  • Videos from YouTube/Vimeo
  • Audio clips from SoundCloud
  • Your own files from your cloud repositories
    • Files from Microsoft OneDrive
    • Files from Google Drive
  • Etc




To add content from the web as activities in your classroom...

  • Switch to the classroom's admin view. See how.
  • Go to the Content tab.
  • Click Add activity of type Web Content.




Copy the URL or the Embed code of the web content you would like to include as an activity and paste it in the Embed Code/URL pane of the new web content activity.



Switch to learner view to see the web content integrated as a learning activity along-side your own content.






Occasionally, some sites may block their content from being embedded elsewhere. An alternative is to create an article activity, and include the link to the page with an instruction to the pupil to click the link. The pupil will then be taken directly to the web page.