Auto-marked exercises?

Published Apr 4, 2020 by Dave for Calibrae

The Calibrae platform gives you tools to build 'learn-by-doing' exercises that are automatically marked by the system.




Most eLearning platforms provide a 'Teach to Test' experience - teaching learners with videos, presentations, etc, then bouncing them to a test to see how much they have understood. This is not how we learn.


The Calibrae approach is to provide a space to learn-by-doing, between teach and test, allowing pupils to make and learn from mistakes.

The Calibrae platform has a unique Exercise Engine - a machine which, when loaded with course-related data generates an endless stream of learning scenarios, enabling the learner to get it wrong, review, refine, and have another go - as many times as they need to fully understand, without mindless repetition!


The task of course authors is to load the engine with the right data.



The engine can build 5 different types of exercise.



Having system-marked exercises also frees-up your time to do other things.


In the following posts, we'll look at examples of each exercise type.