Daily Welcome

Published Apr 1, 2020 by Dave for Calibrae

Adding a daily 'welcome' message is a great way to add personality and help pupils feel connected with their teacher. It is the first thing pupils see after beginning their daily study. The message can be in the form of text and/or video.




Adding a welcome message

  • Enter the course, then use the Learner->Admin button switch to the Admin view.


  • Go to the Welcome tab, update the welcome text.
  • If you like, use the Insert Image button to add images to your welcome message.
  • Save when ready. 


The welcome message is now live.

  • Use the Learner->Admin button to toggle to the learner view to see how it looks to pupils.


Including a video message (optional)

Including a video message in the welcome page is a nice extra. See the Teacher Quick Start course for more details.