Go & Do Activities

Published Apr 4, 2020 by Dave for Calibrae

Learning at a screen can be really great, but there are times when we want pupils to step away from the computer, go and do something, then come back and report. It is through the Assignment Activity that you can add a 'go and do' activity to your classroom.




With an assignment activity, you can include instructions about what to go and do, along with instructions about how to respond - how to return and report. 


Creating assignments

To create an assignment activity in your classroom...

  • Switch to the classroom's admin view. See how.
  • Go to the Content tab.
  • Click Add activity of type Exercise.
  • Choose type Assignment.



Edit the activity

Use the instructions pane to author the assignment instructions. Instructions can include...

  • formatted text,
  • images,
  • video clips from the web - perhaps an instruction video you have recorded on YouTube. See how.


  • Set Marking to Instructor-marked


Response types

Set the Response Type to determine how the pupils should return and report. Responses can be in various forms:



Link/URL response

You can ask pupils to respond by providing a link or URL to an online resource - perhaps a video, a web page, a OneDrive/Google Drive document, etc




Plain text response

Alternatively, you can ask pupils to respond by entering some plain text - ideal for simple, short text responses.




Rich text response

Another option is to ask pupils to respond by entering formatted text, including images - ideal for more detailed written responses.




Pre-populated responses

Responses can be pre-populated with default text, perhaps to guide the learner regarding how to respond.


(This type of assignment is a worksheet. See more.)



File upload response

One other option is to ask pupils to respond by uploading a file - perhaps a photo of their work.



You might also ask pupils to first download a template file (word doc, etc) that pupils will first download from the activity's resources tab (See how). An option is to have pupils work in the file and then upload it to you for marking.




Assignments can be self-marked, meaning pupil's responses will not be marked by a teacher.

Assignments can also be instructor-marked, in which case you will be prompted to review and award a mark. Calibrae manages the logistics of marking, including notifications and a messaging tool for you and the pupil to discuss the work. See how.