Laising with Parents

Published Apr 1, 2020 by Dave for Calibrae

The Calibrae platform provides great tools for school to liaise with parents.



Teachers and parents can use built-in messaging to liaise and discuss pupil progress. Its a great way to maintain a home-school diary or link book.


Parents Evenings

Teachers can create a schedule for parents to book a web-conference or face-to-face parent's meeting.


  • Teachers add an activity of type Live Class



  • Teachers schedule private meeting slots for parents and pupils to book.



  • Parents and pupils book a slot with the teacher to suit their schedule.



  • At the designated time, teacher and parent click the link to meet in the virtual meeting room.



Blogs / News Letters

Schools can use the built-in Blog / News Letter tool. Blogs and newsletters can be shared with parents through the normal channels, including social media.



Just so you know... this page (the one you are reading now) was built using the blog tool. Take a look.