Published Apr 1, 2020 by Dave for Calibrae

It's easy to create worksheets for pupils to work on on-line at home that you can then review and assess.




Creating worksheets

To create a worksheet activity in your classroom...

  • Switch to the classroom's admin view. See how.
  • Go to the Content tab.
  • Click Add activity of type Exercise.
  • Choose type Assignment.



Edit the exercise

  • Set the Response Type to Rich Text
  • Set Marking to Instructor-marked
  • Use the instructions pane to author the worksheet instructions. Instructions can include
    • formatted text,
    • images, and
    • video clips from the web - perhaps an instruction video you have recorded in YouTube. See how.



By default, an empty default answer pane will be displayed to pupils for their input. The default answer pane can be pre-populated with text, such as prompts.

To pre-populate the answer pane...

  • Check the Default answer box to display the default answer pane. 
  • Add any default text.
  • Save when done.



Images in pupil submission

Pupils can include images from the web in their worksheet answers.



Pupils add images by copying the image address and pasting it into their answer pane.






Marking worksheets

You will be notified when pupils have submitted work for you to mark.

You can also view submitted work from the exercise admin page.

  • Scroll down to the Responses pane.
  • Click the button to Mark the submission.
  • Review the work, and if appropriate, award a score and mark the worksheet assignment as being complete.




Note the discussion pane through which teacher and pupil can text message to discuss the work.